Logistics Solutions

Streamline and Secure: Next-Level Logistics Solutions

Speed for Trading integrates state-of-the-art technology from Hikvision to enhance security and operational efficiency in logistics, from warehouses to shipping yards.

Area Management

We offer customized area management techniques to maximize operational capacity and safety. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with third-party software and hardware, facilitating easy adoption and system compatibility.

Line Haul Management

Optimize your transportation with real-time GPS tracking and video monitoring for each vehicle, ensuring precision in delivery schedules and vehicle management.

Goods Management and Protection

Our advanced sensors and IoT applications monitor goods integrity, temperature, and fuel levels during transport, providing real-time alerts to secure and maintain the quality of goods.

Parcel Tracking

Enhance supply chain visibility with real-time tracking systems that monitor parcel movements, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in deliveries.

Dock Management

Streamline dock operations using ANPR technology for efficient vehicle tracking, loading, and unloading, supported by comprehensive dashboard metrics to optimize workflow.

Our logistics solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiency, improve security, and reduce costs, making Speed for Trading your partner in revolutionizing logistics operations. Contact us for bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Speed for Trading is a premier provider of security solutions, specializing in cutting-edge surveillance


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