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Secure Operations: Enhanced Safety and Efficiency in Oil & Gas

Speed for Trading offers specialized security and operational solutions for oil and gas facilities, including wells, processing plants, pipelines, and refineries. Our solutions, powered by Hikvision, ensure robust protection and operational excellence.

Intrusion and Violation Detection

Deploy state-of-the-art surveillance with AI-powered thermal cameras for real-time detection of unauthorized access and potential threats in critical zones, ensuring immediate incident verification and response.

Fire Prevention and Safety

Utilize our bi-spectrum thermography cameras for early detection of temperature anomalies, significantly enhancing fire prevention capabilities across all facility areas.

Vehicle Management

Improve site access control with advanced ANPR systems for efficient management of vehicle entries and exits, enhancing security at tank farms and petrol stations.

Operational and Process Monitoring

Monitor operations continuously with explosion-proof cameras designed for harsh environments. Integrate with SCADA systems for seamless remote supervision and anomaly detection, minimizing downtime and optimizing production.

PPE Compliance and Worker Safety

Enforce safety protocols using video imaging to check PPE compliance and detect hazardous behaviors. Implement safe distance management systems to prevent accidents in high-risk zones.

At Speed for Trading, we understand the critical nature of security in the oil and gas industry. Our tailored solutions enhance safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve operational efficiencies, making us a trusted partner in protecting your critical assets. Contact us for customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

Speed for Trading is a premier provider of security solutions, specializing in cutting-edge surveillance


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