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    Surveillance and security solutions

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    Discover the future of security with our advanced solutions, designed to offer unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

  • Innovative

    Surveillance Solutions

    Experience latest advancements in Hikvision surveillance security.

  • Beyond Sight

    Within Reach

    Surveillance and security solutions

  • Beyond Sight

    Within Reach

    Surveillance and security solutions

  • Innovative

    Surveillance Solutions

    Experience latest advancements in Hikvision surveillance security.

Speed for Trading in a Nutshell

Over two decades of excellence in the security systems field, with a legacy of innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Our Solutions

  • Education

    we provide tailored for educational institutions. This includes video surveillance systems that help ensure the safety of students, staff, and facilities. It can also aid in monitoring entrances and exits, preventing unauthorized access, and enhancing overall security on campus.

  • Logistics

    solutions focus on enhancing the security and efficiency of supply chain operations. Video surveillance helps monitor loading and unloading areas, track shipments, and prevent theft or unauthorized access.

  • Traffic

    traffic management and safety. This includes intelligent traffic management systems, license plate recognition, and surveillance cameras to monitor and analyze traffic flow, enhance road safety, and manage traffic incidents.

  • Energy

    solutions for the energy sector, including oil and gas facilities, power plants, and renewable energy installations. These solutions help protect critical infrastructure, monitor facilities, and ensure the safety and security of personnel.

  • Safe City

    This includes video analytics, facial recognition, and monitoring capabilities to enhance public safety, respond to emergencies, and manage city infrastructure.

    Safe City
  • Retail

    video surveillance systems to prevent theft, monitor store activities and improve overall security. Intelligent analytics may also be employed for customer behavior analysis and optimizing store layouts.

  • Buildings

    these solutions include include video surveillance systems that secure entrances, common areas, and critical infrastructure within residential and commercial buildings. These systems contribute to overall safety and security.

  • Manufacturing

    the security needs of manufacturing facilities by offering surveillance solutions that monitor production lines, secure sensitive areas, and provide real-time visibility into manufacturing processes. This helps in preventing theft, ensuring employee safety, and optimizing operations.

  • Healthcare

    providing a secure environment within medical facilities. Video surveillance helps in monitoring entrances, and critical areas, and maintaining a secure environment for patients and healthcare professionals.

  • Public Transport

    deployment of surveillance cameras in buses, trains, and stations. This enhances passenger safety, monitors activities, and ensures the security of public transportation systems.

    Public Transport

Surveillance Systems

Partnering with a titan of the industry, Speed for Trading offers Hikvision’s cutting-edge surveillance technology. Renowned for their reliability and advanced features, Hikvision cameras are the cornerstone of modern security.

Eufy Security

For those seeking smart, user-friendly security solutions, Speed for Trading brings to the table Eufy’s innovative cameras. With a focus on integration and ease of use, Eufy products are perfect for those who value convenience without compromising on safety.


eufy mini camera

The mini grants you with a 360 degrees view, 

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